Why Barry’s Journey?


Barry at his biggest (14 stone) in Oct 2013 on holiday in Fuerteventura. He was struggling to walk & became breathless on exertion.

Barry was born on the 14th November 1985 and as you can see from the website photo’s Barry was very slight until he reached his early 20’s.

Several times over the last 10 yrs we would try & support / encourage Barry to lose weight – without much luck unfortunately – in October 2013 we took Barry on holiday with us to Fuerteventura, at 14 stone & only 4 ft 10 ins Barry was struggling to walk without becoming breathless, when we returned from holiday Barry was experiencing chest pain & breathlessness even spending a night in hospital with a suspected heart attack. Enough was enough in September 2014 I enrolled myself & Barry into a slimming world club & over a period of 1 1⁄2 years Barry lost over 2 stone an incredible achievement – Barry’s Learning disabilities & cognitive impairment meant Barry was unable to understand the slimming plans & I was the one cooking Barry all the low fat slimming world meals – I realised then that if anything happened to me who would continue Barry on his Journey with Diet & exercise so we developed Barry’s Journey, this will benefit other people similar to Barry get the support & help they need on their own journey.


Barry with his carer Jamie

Barry lives in supported living with another person & various support staff, we put in place an Air Fryer – Slow cooker – George Foreman – laminated menus to suit Barry’s preferred appetite preferences & these of course included Burger & Chips all cooked healthy & our support worker works with Barry’s support staff teaching everyone the healthy options of cooking.

We are working closely with DW sports club & Barry has been attending this over the last 10 weeks working 1 2 1 with his personal trainer & his fitness levels have improved tremendously.